Полнометражный художественный фильм.
Страна - США. 2018
Жанр – драма.

Создание оригинального саундтрека к фильму


An immigrant and thief, who mired in poverty, decides to change his ways of after meeting an old fisherman who shows him the true meaning of life.

El (28), is an illegal immigrant, hiding out in Los Angeles. His lack of documentation forced him to live in his car, while he works as a cash paid worker for illegal moving company. After teaming up with his longtime friend Arthur (30) to steal from former clients, he meets a new client that makes him to rethink his ways. Ambassador (62) is a lonely old man who likes to fish. A day out fishing puts this two unlikely characters coincidentally in place to save a drowning girl, Summer (25). Seeing the courage and decency of El, Ambassador imbued him confidence and friendship. Learning of this, El decides to prevent robbery. As events unfold, El faces choices that will try his allegiance, test his morality and determination in this suspenseful drama.

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